Вы уже просмотрели наши видио и фото? Не хотели бы Вы быть запечатлёнными в такой приятной и незабываемой атмосфере? В ресторане «Mey Saki» каждый вечер живая музыка, Вы прекрасно проведёте время в кругу друзей или семьи в нашем уютном заведении. Мы Вам с удовольствием поможем в проведении праздников, мероприятий, торжеств, банкетов.

Here, in the restaurant «Mey Saki» in Istanbul, we will cherish the memories of our events and guests who took part in the commemorative gala evenings. Restaurant-bar in Istanbul invites you to remember the brightest moments of our theme nights and enjoy the photos we posted for you on the web page. In addition, we also captured our musicians who play live music for you, dancers and so on. In our restaurant you can get acquainted with the culture of Turkey and enjoy its aspects such as traditional henna painting, folk music and the general atmosphere of our restaurant. In the restaurant «Mey Saki» in Istanbul guests often spend festivities such as birthdays, romantic and original marriage proposal, engagement celebrating, and anniversaries. Each banquet in «Mey Saki» is a real treat, so we’re happy to keep it in the memory for years to come. You can also offer us photos you made during the celebration or photos of the Bahçeşehir taverns in Istanbul. We’ll post the best pictures on the site so that other visitors could also enjoy them. Professional musicians will make your evening at the Istanbul restaurant vivid and memorable. In the pictures, you can choose the most attractive table in your opinion, if you want to book it for a specific date, or assess the overall arrangement of tables. If you have any questions regarding the possibility of carrying out of a celebration in our restaurant and pub in Istanbul, we are happy to answer all your questions and hear your suggestions. Photos in this gallery will help you to decide on the type and scale of the desired celebration. Will it be a quiet evening with friends or your loved one, or a luxurious feast for all your colleagues and friends? It is for you to decide. We are ready to organize the event in accordance with any of your needs, all you need to do is to inform us about your preferences. In addition, here, in one of the best entertainment venues in Istanbul, we are ready to receive guests for any holiday, and also schedule the original performance artists. We will keep the memories of the event with your participation in the photos, so you can return at any time in the memory of those bright and happy moments. Explore our gallery: a collection of images is to be constantly updated! We will be glad to see you on our website. We invite you to admire the colorful picture, which will not leave you indifferent!