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Наш адрес: Bahçeşehir 1.Kısım mah. Doğaparkı cad. Gölet Mevki No 11/H. Bahçeşehir/ Başakşehir/ Istanbul
E-mail: Mey-Saki@hotmail.com
Телефон: +90 (532) 557 91 99; +90 212 669 9777
Сайт: http://www.mey-saki.com

Расположение: Ресторан «Mey Saki» находится в районе Бахчешегир на европейской стороне г. Стамбул. Он расположен у живописного озера «Гёлет» с роскошным зелёным парком, куда вы сможете направиться прогуляться после семейного обеда или ужина, а так же проветриться во время шумной вечеринки. Ресторан удобно расположен и имеет свободный подъезд. Сразу напротив имеется автостоянка, что тоже немало важно для автомобилистов.
Это место, объединившее в себе природу, кухню и культуру Турции. Именно здесь можно почувствовать настоящую турецкую атмосферу и понять её очарование в полной мере.
Всегда Вам рады. С уважение «Mey Saki».

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You can contact our Bahçeşehir tavern «Mey Saki» in several ways:

  • our phone number +90 (532) 557 91 99; +90 212 669 9777;
  • our e-mail address Mey-Saki@hotmail.com;
  • our website http: //www.mey-saki.com;
  • our address from Istanbul Bahçeşehir 1.Kısım mah. Doğaparkı cad. Gölet Mevki No 11/H. Bahçeşehir/ Başakşehir/ Istanbul.

You can come to us in the Istanbul restaurant «Mey Saki» and enjoy the special atmosphere, which we treat carefully and with great love. Among the traditions that we honor, there is live music on traditional instruments from our talented musicians, and even little things like painting with henna. We are proud to introduce you our restaurant as one of the best entertainment venues’ in the city. You can always get qualified professional advice over the phone or via the e-mail. We will answer all your questions about our cuisine, the organization of banquets and other celebrations. Among the most popular events: the engagement celebration, such a party as birthday and original romantic marriage proposal. Also on the contact numbers and addresses, you can: discuss the menu (in the range of fish restaurants, there is a lot of seafood); organize the festivities of all sizes; amend the agreement on the holiday. Here you will find the opportunity to conduct in-party for any number of guests. Due to the wide range of pub menu, each visitor can find something for him or her, so the evening began to play with new colors. Bahçeşehir restaurant is a place where you can enjoy a special atmosphere and delicious food, and the wait staff is always ready to help with the choice and will solve any problem. Our restaurant-bar in «Mey Saki» invites you to take advantage of the opportunity and the feedback through the site. All you need is to keep the main contact details: your name; your phone number; your e-mail address; your question. Our consultants will answer any of your questions, you should only call or email us!