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Здесь Вы можете просмотреть меню, фотогалерею ( мы запечатляем самые интересные, красивые и весёлые моменты), поделиться впечатлением о ресторане или же указать свои пожелания, если вы уже побывали у нас. А так же можете сделать резервацию и увидеть месторасположение. Общение с друзьями, музыка и конечно же вкус… Что ещё нужно после тяжёлого рабочего дня… В ресторане «Mey Saki» холодные и горячие закуски, изысканные блюда и всегда свежие и качественные напитки…

With pleasure and pride, we present our creation: comfortable restaurant «Mey Saki» in Istanbul. Are you staying in our city for a vacation or live here? Perhaps the purpose of your visit is a special event in your life? For us it would be an honor to celebrate it with you. We offer luxurious halls for banquets in Istanbul, various events, such as an engagement celebration or a memorable meeting, birthdays and other dates, including romantic marriage proposal in Istanbul. Whether you need an excuse to treat yourself? Every day dozens of guests have good time in our restaurant-bar in Istanbul! The advantages of our restaurant: decent level of service; nice interior; fine cuisine to suit all tastes; plenty of entertainment for every guest; the possibility of booking; convenient location of bar in Istanbul; picturesque area of the city in Bahçeşehir restaurant. On this page of the site dedicated to the Istanbul restaurant «Mey Saki», you can choose exactly what you want to explore. We are happy to tell you about our menu, as well as show you the location of the seats in the restaurant and will offer to book a specific table on a specific date. Fish restaurant in Istanbul will offer a luxurious selection of original and classic seafood dishes, and in the pub can always be found the best drinks for all, even the most demanding taste. The best entertainment venues in Bahçeşehir will demonstrate the most popular areas of the entertainment industry: you will be able not only to enjoy our food comfortably in the restaurant, but also learn more about the culture of our country. This is henna painting and and also thematic in-parties in Istanbul. Each of our visitors is our dear guest, whom we meet with our inherent hospitality. To maintain a pleasant experience and memories we do always keep them in the photos: the pictures of the most memorable events in the life of our restaurant you can see in the gallery of our website. Do you enjoy high-quality vacation? Let us take care of your leisure time on the highest level: in Bahçeşehir taverns, you will find exactly what you need: excellent service, exquisite cuisine and a full freedom for a comfortable pastime. We try to pay attention on each client, so you can be sure that your every wish will be taken into account. Depending on the preferences of the visitor, we are ready to create a special atmosphere for you, add a piquant touch and make the time you spend in our restaurant truly memorable. We are waiting for you in the walls of our restaurant in Istanbul!